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**************************NO LONGER AVAILABLE********************************

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  • Army duck canvas, double filled, the highest quality canvas available.
  • Raghorn Pyramid tents remains one of the most versatile and easy to use tents that there is.
  • Raghorn Pyramid tent can be set up simply with an outside two pole system, a single interior pole, or simply suspending the peak from a tree branch.
  • Door zipper with a 3 inch storm flap with no ties OR a tie flap door -YOUR CHOICE. Zipper door will be ordered if not specified.
  • Zippered door with 8 inch storm flap with ties is a $50 option
  • Peak has a grommet and a metal ring with webbing to support weight of pyramid tent.
  • One foot of webbing on 4 corner seams going to the top as it connects to the peak metal ring.
  • D-rings with webbing on 4 corners to stake out tent.
  • Grommetts or stake loops at bottom wall edge approximately every 3 feet. YOUR CHOICE. Stake loops will be ordered unless grommetts specifically requested.
  • D-rings with webbing half way up corner walls to pull out and stake to keep the walls taunt.
  • Loops for bipod on outside of tent.
  • Sewn in vinyl floor is standard feature using a dull white flame resistant vinyl. Reenactor floor is canvas or vinyl -your choice.
  • Optional stovejack will be a minimum of 48" from a corner and 48" in from the bottom part of the wall, then straight up, for heat stanfoff requirements, no exceptions.


REENACTOR TENT - we will substitute a tie flap door, cotton stake loops and canvas floor at no additional charge.

Floor Cut Size Center Height

10.1 oz Flame

without floor


10.1 oz Marine & Flame

with floor

8x8 6'9" $370 / 22 lbs
$260 $405
24 lbs
10x10 7'9" $490 / 31 lbs
$305 $540
33 lbs
12x12 8'9" $680 / 36 lbs
$370 $740

39 lbs

Note: Finished size is approximately 6" less than floor cut size.

Standard Features, Options & Price

Standard Features
Heavy Duty Zippered Door Single Inside Aluminum Pole - ALL SIZES
(4 pieces) 4 lbs

Storm Flap 8x8 Bipod External Aluminum Poles
(4 pieces per pole) 8 lbs

Hardwood Stakes 10x10 Bipod External Aluminum Poles (4 pieces per pole) 10 lbs NOTE: 12x12 not available $85

Corner Pull Out Rings Stove Jack: 4", 5", 6" $50

Guy Ropes Rain Fly see table below
Tent Bag Reenactor Model no charge
Grommet at Peak Triangle Window $60

SEWN IN VINYL FLOOR Tipi Style Door 6' w/flap $105

  Sewn In Screen Door. Only 1 side of door opens $120

  Back Zippered Door $50

  8 inch storm flap with ties , covering doors $60

Tent Flys

Add to the "R" value of your tent. The tent fly provides an air space between the tent and the cold, keeping the tent roof dry. Made of XL-Tex, a water repellent, tear resistant, mildew and flame resistant fabric, this tent fly is all you need to make your tent a drier, warmer refuge. Flys are fitted to the configuration of the roofline of the tent. All grommets are reinforced for extra strength. The fly includes a stove pipe opening with flap (if needed). Fly covers the entire tent with zipper for tent entry. Ropes, stakes, and rope tighteners are included.





STORING TENT FOR THE WINTER. YOU MUST INSURE YOUR TENT IS TOTALLY DRY , INCLUDING GUY ROPES BEFORE STORING YOUR TENT. Regardless of what type of treatment you have on your tent, I guarantee you will have mildew and rot on your tent if you store the tent when it is damp or wet. If you can't set up a wet tent outside to dry properly, your only option is to hang the tent in a shop or garage. If you don't want to set up a frame, use a rope for a ridge pole and secure the guy ropes to something to pull the roof fairly tight. Leave the garage or shop open if possible to let the wind help dry the tent. Double check to insure your guy ropes are dry if you store them with the tent. Anywhere a wet guy rope touches the tent will cause the canvas to mildew and rot. If you are unfortunate and have mildew or rot on your tent, your tent will never be water resistant in the areas of rot/mildew unless you apply canvak to the dry rot/mildew areas after you clean the area with diluted bleach water. Only apply the bleach water blend to Outfitter Tents on the rotted area as the bleach concentrate will destroy the water/ mildew treatment on any area it is used. If you ever have rot or mold on the roof, I would just bite the bullet and buy a fly to insure your roof doesn't leak when you are hunting or camping.

Tent Maintenance:

  • Zipper Maintenance: Always have zipper unzipped when placing/removing tent over frame to prevent too much stress on zipper. As your tent roof shrinks the tent will fit tighter on the frame and increase stress on the door zipper.
    • Recommendation: Cut rafters down as necessary to prevent unnecessary stress on zipper. You do not want to be camping in cold weather and have an unserviceable zipper.
  • Mildew: If you have mildew on your canvas tent mix 2 cups of bleach in a 5 gallon bucket. Wash only the area with mildew. A tent with mildew will leak at the mildew spot regardless if treated with bleach. Sporiclean is recommended also. Go for more info.
  • Washing Tent: Use only mild detergent like "Woollite". Use a hose and scrub lightly.
  • Storage: Never store damp or wet canvas tents. Always let the tent dry naturally. Your tent will get mildew if stored wet regardless if you have a mildew treated tent.
  • Cleaning Tent: Always brush off caked on dirt or mud (let mud dry) with a soft brush.
  • UV Rays: Long exposure to the sun's UV rays will damage all canvas tents. A fly is recommended to prevent UV damage if you set up your tent 2-3 weeks or longer annually. A tent fly also keeps your tent roof clean, snow slides off the tent better and acts as another weather barrier.
  • Leaking Seams: Use Canvak tent sealer to stop leaking seams or purchase a fly.
  • Stoves or Lanterns: Keep stoves, propane cook stoves and lanterns away from canvas.
  • Set up Location: Be aware of which trees emit resins and avoid setting up under these types of trees.

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