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Click WALL TENT to view wall tents, hunting wall tent, spike canvas wall tent and Montana Canvas wall tents - all below retail prices.

We recommend making awall tent frame from a frame angle/joint kit. Typical frame savings using an angle kit to make a

12x14 tent frame is $200+

16x20 tent frame is $300+.

Detailed angle kit instructions are on the website.  

An angle kit is designed to be used with 1" inside diameter, thin walled, electrical conduit (slightly less than 1 1/4 " outside diameter).  Conduit is readily available at a local hardware store.  Using an angle kit is by far the most economical approach to purchasing an internal frame. Internal frame shipping charges are very high due to the weight and bulk of an internal frame.

We will provide assistance if you have trouble understanding angle kit instructions.

95% of our customers buy an angle kit and make their own frame.

Visit Angle Kits page for more information on angle kits.  

If you want a premade tent  frame view TENT FRAMES for Wall Tent Shop, US that provides all types of frames and sizes available for any canvas tent. A summary of tent frames provided at Wall Tent Shop is below.  

The three basic types of wall tent frames:

Internal frame.
Aluminum tent frames or galvanized steel wall tent frames, with rafters, are normally used by individuals tent camping near a road. However, aluminum canvas tent frames are also used for rafting or packing in on horses.

A Frame Tents.
Galvanized steel, two models, internal or external frames.  Metal A frame on each end with a ridge pole and side struts for the walls. Can be used near a road or packing in on horses.  All A frame tents can only use the A frame. However, all wall tents can use an A frame.    

Lodgepole Frame.
Normally used by reenactors or individuals who pack in on horses and make their own tent poles using lodgepoles.  Upon request,  lodgepole instructions provided when tent is ordered.

OUR RECOMMENDATION.  The best canvas tent frame to use is the internal tent frame.   It is the quickest and easiest frame to assemble. Most importantly, an internal wall tent frame has rafters that support your tent roof. All other canvas tent frames do not have rafters. During rain and snowy conditions, frames without rafters, water and snow will accumulate in a trough formed in an area just before the walls. Some tents will tear in this trough area due to weight or start leaking. I strongly recommend the internal wall tent frame unless weight is a critical factor.


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